Bicycle is the solution to pollution, stress and obesity

imagine that the bike displaces the carWe live in a world whose virtues are also its weaknesses, but the bicycle can cure everything.

Technology has made us productive, capitalism has made us competitive and overproduction of goods and services has made us comfortable.

But at the same time, productivity has demanded environmental sacrifices, we use up a lot of raw materials, we are depleting fossil fuels and we continue to increase the atmospheric concentration of CO2.

Competitiveness has not come for free either, despite living more comfortably than ever before in human history, we are not as happy as we might expect, we are not happy because we are anxious; in big cities we live in tension, stressed by work, obligations and daily news.

The overproduction of goods has damaged the environment but also our own body. We eat junk, but this junk is convenient, cheap and addictive because the food industry knows our weaknesses. We also don't expend the energy that comes with that junk because we don't walk, we see exercise as mainly recreational and not as a way to get around.

The bicycle attacks all these evils, that is, as we spend energy we are not fat and also generate endorphins that go directly to cover the stress; it is also a zero emissions vehicle.

The bicycle had its heyday from the late nineteenth century until the mid-twentieth century when it was devoured by the voracious automobilist; and yes, its heyday was as a means of transportation much more than as a sporting accessory. but it was not always so because the bike was invented to give a military advantage over the cavalry as a horse can not make long journeys day after day and a human-powered vehicle could do 300 km in a week.

Today the bicycle is still a vehicle in Spain non grato because we don't have a single politician who rides a bike to work. Unfortunately we have very few politicians who go to work because they have done nothing else in their lives but join a party.


2 responses to "Bicycle is the solution to pollution, stress and obesity”

  1. Maria Cecilia Muñoz Cáceres Avatar
    Maria Cecilia Muñoz Cáceres

    It is true, the bike is a good means of transportation, I use it, not always but I have the opportunity to live close to work and I can get around on it. I start the day with more energy and I have a better mood. But there is a big problem that prevents me to say that it is relaxed, because the city of Santiago is not prepared and most people have no idea of the regulations of the cyclists, not only cyclists but also pedestrians and motorists. That's why I don't find it very pleasant to ride a bike, even though I love it.

    1. I agree with you very much, we have neither good roads nor good parking and awareness; but everything is improving.

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