Pros and cons of fixed-gear bikes

- They are fun bikes because they transmit sensations.
- They are beautiful bikes
- You do a complete exercise, as in spinning.
- The bike is low maintenance
- Controls well when going slowly

- Long descents are tiring
- Poor control when going fast
- The slopes toughen the course
- Not getting a good night's rest
- Sometimes you hit the curbs with the pedal.
- Sometimes it is necessary to disassemble

I decided to go for the simple bike concept, I've been on a fixed gear for six years and twelve thousand kilometers, and as long as I can physically do it, I will continue.
Believe me I have given this discussion a lot of thought and have left out ideas in order to simplify the decision.

Since a couple of years ago fixed gear bikes are fashionable, from my point of view to carry a fixed gear bike already increases its danger, if we also put a nervous geometry of track type - my case - we increase it more, if we remove the brakes we still make it more dangerous but if we put a very thin wheel and a very narrow handlebar, one of two, or we go very slowly on it or we risk the type every time we take it out.


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