Elections. They take us for idiots

Last weekend something must have happened with the start of the European election campaign because on Monday the two main right and left wing radio stations, COPE and SER, were both defending the legitimate right to abstainsomething that a few years ago was unthinkable. Moreover, former President Felipe González was already openly proposing a pact between the PP and the PSOE.

The fact is that they are panicking about what is coming because, as I have said, they have said on several occasions, corruption is the rule and not the exceptionThe reason is that in order to maintain a corrupt system over time it must be generalized. So if the big parties were to reduce their seats, say by half, this would provoke a chain reaction, taking away the livelihood of thousands of people in the country. professional politicians who live off the story and are no longer fit to dedicate themselves to anything else, besides they know many corrupt acts, and if they were to tell them they could do a lot of damage to the two big parties.

There is no party that represents me

You probably haven't bothered to look for it outside of the mainstream because if you look at the programs of Movimiento RED, Podemos or Partido X you might see something new under the sun. Like says my uncle Eulogio, the political regeneration of Spain and the EU can only come from the 'freak' parties, not professional politicians. Obviously, voting for novices carries risks but I think nothing is worse than perpetuating corruption and, you know, taking a risk is the safest thing to do.

I will not vote for a party that will not obtain representation. The D'Hondt Law leaves them out.

This is the same as saying I am not going to create an Internet startup because Google, Microsoft and Apple are already there, but in any case it is also wrong because the European elections have a single constituency, that is, votes are added to a party from all provinces so that it is easy for minority parties to obtain seats, and even better: to put fear into the majority parties before the next general elections and give power to us, the voters.

In order for new ones to steal, let the same ones steal.

Well, now we understand each other. In the 1982 elections, in a town in Galicia called Mondoñedo, I remember seeing an old woman at the door of the polling station repeating to anyone who wanted to listen to her: vote for the same people who are already so tired - votes for the same people who are already full -, let's go for an existentialist pessimism that takes corruption for granted and only tries to minimize its effects, which is strictly false because this way, what is achieved is to extend corruption to all public life.

I just don't vote in protest

Here you make it easy for me: it is not that you do not vote but that you want to delegate your vote to the majority... and the worst thing is not that they take us for idiots but that it is possible that we give them the reason at the ballot box. I propose an exercise before going to vote on Sunday: choose a list and Google the names of the top three, if you find them linked to a case of corruption discard that list and take another, and so on until you find a clean one; if you have to go to the Widows Party or the environmentalist of your town do it, but do not perpetuate corruption in power, besides, there are more and more freaky options.

Keep on not voting, lest different people win and it gets messy.


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