A business model for the press II: the sad truth

The sad reality is that:

1. The media threaten massive layoffs to get public support and salary reductions. A few months later, as they have obtained public support and salary reductions, they keep their promises and make massive layoffs.

2. Newspapers give gifts that cost more than the newspaper itself, hoping to make it profitable in advertising, something that never comes.

3. On the Internet, the classic media still have credibility when you tweet something and you want to give it veracity, but little by little this is being lost because the media have replaced two editors by an intern, which reduces the quality of the news and the verification of the sources.
front covers photo king juan carlos I felipe VI4. The traditional media are seen little by little as columnists sold to political power. Whether they are from right o left They try to blind us with unimportant ideological issues to then function as a dictatorship of political power and the consequent dependence on the fourth power. Of this we have despicable examples whose names I do not want to remember.

5. Nobody can explain how the traditional media survive today if it were not for perpetuating in power the institutionalized corruption of our public life, something that has lasted until now but will not last forever, basically because today there is no more money to spare for public administrations or large companies.

6. The classic press lives more and more every day from an Internet that it neither knows nor understands, much less accepts.

7. The classic press has been giving some exclusives for three years now based on things found on social networks. If they started to cite sources, people would go directly to the Twitter feed in question and the classic press would be revealed as an intermediary that consumes time and resources but provides little value.


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