Why should you learn to program? And also start with Phython

Until recently we had to know our own language, the language of mathematics, a second language, and now we have to learn the language of machines: programming.
The reason is quite simple: we are surrounded by programmable machines and knowing how they talk helps us, if not to program them at least to understand them better. Regarding learning, just as when you master a language the second is easier than the first, the third is easier than the second and so on, so it is with programming languages, but of course, we have to choose one to start, because if our parents decided that we should learn to speak Spanish, now it is up to us to select a programming language to start.
I should point out that I learned some basic when I was 8 years old with the Spectrum, then I went through Cobol-Cics-DB2 in '99 but I'm really not, probably never will be a programmer and I started from scratch because I did not remember anything, now that the poso was there, as well as that of having seven years setting up blogs on WordPress, like this one, even if they do not require throwing a single line of code.

    Why see him on the list of highest paid programmers?

Let's take a look at the current ranking of languages according to how well paid their programmers are, this list was published a few days ago. Quartz. I rely on this list because languages condition the efficiency of the programmer and of the code that is generated, and therefore of the money that code brings to the business. The best languages are the most efficient ones, either because they are better written or because they generate more useful or faster programs running on a computer.

highest paid programming languages

Well, according to this study, the programmers who charge the most (do not trust the absolute data - it is USA) are those of Ruby, a language fast to write and read; the second is Objective C used by the iPhone and the third is Python, a very clean language, used by Google and above all with a lot of teaching resources to start not only from scratch, as in the course of DrChuck but also as a child with a story: Learning to tame snakes.
Python is also very machine efficient and that is why Google adopted it. It was created in 1991 by Guido, a Dutch Monty Phython fan because he found the languages at the time difficult to read. Python was made to be easy to read and open to everyone.
Google even had its creator on staff for a few years. The search engine company has even created programming languages such as Go (evolution of C) or Dart (evolution of Javascript) but it has Python running through its heart, it is like the blood of Google, what I am learning and teaching my children.


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