GTD as a technique and Evernote as a tool that boosted my productivity

Warning: if you are looking for an emergency, immediate and painless solution, this is not the place. Two and a half years ago I decided to dedicate time to improve productivity, I have lost many hours searching and many others learning, today I consider the investment very profitable and I want to tell you about what has worked for me.
I began by carefully reading the Get Things Done by David Allen, something like Leave things doneThis book has become a bestseller that has given way to evolutions, versions, remixes, ... but it is still very valid today and the tool it proposes is paper. Sure it works with paper but there are better tools, but the GTD method is the best approach to start.
GTD talks about quickly jotting down anything that comes to mind, thereby removing it from our easily accessible memory, from our RAMWe then clear it to use it for the task at hand. Subsequently we reread and process all those notes and they are transformed into homework or reference material, or they go straight to the trash.
And it's true, GTD clears your head of errands that will be better and more efficiently stored on paper than in the most expensive part of your brain, plus you sleep peacefully knowing that you have nothing in your inbox (either mail or task management) because it shows you that inboxes are just that, inboxes where emails or tasks should be temporarily that is, only until they are processed. I will not go into detail about the method because you can ask me in the comments of the post or look for reference material, there is plenty of it.
The tool used to organize all this system of tasks has to be: fast and reliable; fast because GTD is based on taking less than a minute to write a note and that is Evernote on my mobile, computer, watch or tablet; recording, voice, text to speech, writing, photography, files, recognizing text,... And it also has to be reliable: saving everything always synchronized with a great search engine,... and that is Evernote.
The rest, in my case two and a half years of learning and a lot to learn.


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  1. Angela Avatar

    I did not know it, great : it comes in handy to help close the focus and park noise.
    Very practical.

  2. Thank you Angela. It takes some time and training but I assure you it is worth it.

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