The paradigm of gamification is Rocksmith, not WoW #gamification

rocksmith screenshotPower without control is useless

We are at such an early stage of gamification that we don't distinguish whether something is well done or not by its results but by how much a game engages people.
Blizzard, the creator of World of Warcraft set the standard with its ability to engage, the narrative is excellent, the increase in difficulty of the game is perfect and it has excellent resources to make us believe the story, such as help messages or avatar customization. But let's not confuse WoW with gamification because it is a game and it does not have an objective beyond being played and paid for.
Gamification starts from a goal, it is not an end but a means. When you think about learning to play the electric guitar you get the idea of spending a year going to class once or twice a week and practicing at home as many times a week, you see yourself walking around with the guitar sheathed in a cold winter night and paying a lot of money for it.
Rocksmith is a program for computer and console that brings a cable to connect your electric guitar, makes the guitar sound through the computer and tells you what to play but above all it knows when you do it right and when you hit the wrong note. It gives you the freedom to play songs or video games where the guitar is the controller and makes you tune the guitar every now and then with its tuner.
We all have Guitar Hero in our heads, and with Rocksmith sometimes you think you're playing with a fake guitar because the game has a similar narrative behind it - if something is already engaging, why change it?
When you finish practicing the guitar in Rocksmith and, at least in my case, you go back to the Steam application - which is a video game distributor - you find a counter of badges achieved, but above all, you see the number of hours practiced, you take it to hours of going to a class and back,.. and pay for it; and that's where you realize the enormous power of gamification combined with technology, and of course, you go and count it here.
When you also see the callus on your fingertips you realize that this is not a game and that you have new skills with the guitar, that the first lessons have not managed to frustrate you and that you are hooked to play, you only have the fear of flying, that is the day you unplug your guitar from the computer and plug it into an amplifier.
The only way to understand a game is to play it so if you have a dead electric guitar because you got frustrated learning to play it, buy Rocksmith and enjoy the ride.
We call Rocksmith a game but it's really a guitar method.


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