My first motorcycle trip

My first motorcycle trip was a Madrid - Riaza (Segovia).
A holiday eve after leaving work. I finished later than expected, around eight o'clock. Those days had been abnormally cold for the first days of spring, but the weather was going to improve a lot and I was caught by the improvement.
I had wind, rain, much more wind, works and snow in the port of Somosierra. I started the climb with tension in my back, finished the climb with fear, then my fingers started to fall asleep and I arrived at my destination shivering from the cold.
I had the 500cc Kawasaki ER 5 for a little over a month, I was riding to work, about 30km with a lot of fear still.
I guess it's more of an unconscious thing that he should have turned around instead of putting himself at the mercy of the gusts of wind without having experience. What is also true is that we all like to have adventures as long as they end well, as in this case.


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