Anonymous declares war on ISIS. The Emerging Muscles Up

It has only been one day since Anonymous, the collective of the best hackers in the world declared war on the Islamic State - ISIS -, France had already declared it a few days earlier, specifically last Friday after the aberrant attacks in Paris. And today the United States has said that we must stand with France. it is necessary to be by bombing regions of the Middle East controlled by ISIS, daesh, Islamic State, or whatever you call it.
Anonymous is the emergency, that which goes from the bottom up and self-organizes; ISIS besides having so much evil that it seems to me non-human, is an army with salaries and all that, that is to say the descending, the hierarchical. ISIS is being attacked at the moment by other armies, like the French army that shows its country's mourning by bombing ISIS bases, or the American army.
Anonymous in 24 hours has already found a hundred ISIS terrorist accounts on social networks, a wallet with 3 million dollars in bitcoins, has given a lot of information to the intelligence services of several countries and has taken down a few websites. He has also created a website to enlist anonymous volunteers against ISIS. They have declared a war and they have to win it.
Who do you think is winning in the race to destroy ISIS, the armies or the hackers?
I believe that hackers are winning for the same reason that I believe that we live in the age of software and not hardware, because intelligence is today more important than muscle and because the emergent is today more important than the hierarchical.
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