Understanding Forocoches is understanding the emerging systems

I have been writing here for a few years now about emerging systems, about anthills, about the video game The Sims, about the 15M, about...

But there are few things as visual as this video of El Tekila, a guy who won a popular TV Dance contest, to understand what can be done by an individual who proposes to vote for the geekiest dancer and interacts with many people who in turn interact with many people.

Ricardo Galli, the founder of Meneame, says that trolling is the status quo of the Internet, maybe not of the Internet but of Forocoches yes, it is a forum for everything, with a lot of people who contribute and also with the acid humor that has led them to epic trolls. In Forocoches there is no leader that others simply follow, there are many interactions between people who are autonomous enough to make their own decisions, .... for example: vote for a small town geek to win a dance contest.

By the way, I think this freak from El Tequila was admitted to the contest to make fun of him... well, he turned out to be a dud. To tell the truth, I loved his honesty.


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