WhatsApp Commerce can be a blue ocean

If we could lose $8,500M per year like Uber does we could aspire to change people's behavior, create a new market and end up keeping everything. The rest of us mortals can only aspire to adapt technology to people's pre-existing behaviors.
The eCommerces that work do not have to teach people how to use them, but rather mimic a buying process that we already know. Sometimes the buying process starts on the Internet but closes on the phone or in person precisely so as not to force the user to adopt a new behavior, and even more so when we are talking about a new process for buying and paying.
Our parents and grandparents already use WhatsApp even if they buy little or nothing online, and now WhatsApp is going to implement payments so that a new online shopping channel will be opened for that long tail that has not yet jumped into eCommerce due to lack of trust, but that trusts WhatsApp because it is the place where their family and friends are. It will be enough to convince this user to give his card details once for a small transaction for proximity eCommerce or to pay his grandchildren to open a new vein, a blue ocean.


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  1. Hi Javier, the world of WhatsApp is something that just grows and grows.
    Whether to connect Instagram, WordPress, online stores or a simple landing page.
    WhatsApp is the communication channel.
    What used to be email is now WhatsApp.
    That transition has already happened. Businesses that don't adapt are out of the game.

    Best regards!

    1. As is

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