Let's teach children to program by playing: Together From Home

Sometimes it all stems from a simple tweet.

Flatten the curve

On Friday, March 13, 2 days before the start of the confinement, we started organizing through a Telegram group called Aplana la curva with the idea of lending a hand in whatever way we could.

Hispabot-Covid 19

From that Aplana la Curva group, a few people created a website to gather verified information and discard hoaxes about the coronavirus, thus giving birth to the first project. That website soon mutated into a bot that has ended up being the channel of the Ministry of Health to inform through WhatsApp. Hispabot-Covid 19.


On Saturday 14 at 10 pm, 2 hours before the start of the confinement, Roberto Majadas proposed in that Telegram group to do something to entertain the children while they were at home, Victor Sanchez and I offered and immediately we had a meeting. The three of us like learning digital skills, so with premeditation and nocturnality, at midnight, just with the beginning of the confinement we already had clear that we would create a web and we would do fun and didactic workshops live.

We also agreed that everything that was done would be given in open, the designs, the code, the contents,... everything would go to the public domain. That nobody would make money with this, in fact the most and the least has had to pay something out of pocket without asking.

We set up a new Telegram group that today has more than three hundred members, but that Sunday already had more than 100. Illustrious people from free software like Jose Manrique, technology education like Carmen Bartolomé or digital business like Fabián Pedrero joined. People were self-organized in Content, Social Networks, Web,...

On Monday we already had mascots, on Wednesday the web and social networks and on Thursday a program with the first 8 workshops for that weekend. Today we have fifty workshops and it would take me the whole post to mention all the people who have collaborated in Juntos Desde Casa. Thousands of hours of video of the workshops have been played on Youtube and Twitch and tens of thousands of people have visited juntosdesdecasa.com.

Respirators4All (R4All)

The next initiative to emerge two days after Juntos Desde Casa, i.e. on Monday, March 16, was R4All, formed by 7 professionals from different sectors, who decided to altruistically support the different low-cost artificial respirator projects that the technical community was developing. Thanks to the support received from companies and volunteers, the group has already been able to develop 3 of its own prototypes.


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