It's time to create a network of convenience points for eCommerce

What is a point of convenience

A point of convenience is a place close to your home, your work or a place where you usually pass by: school, gym, church, club,... that is used to pick up packages and/or return them. These spaces can also take advantage of foot traffic to sell products, collect data or send information to the user, and this provides them with additional revenue.

The city is asking for it

We have to reduce or at least stop increasing traffic in cities because eCommerce, which has already been growing at 20% for 10 years, is going to skyrocket this year and we cannot afford to make a full trip to the door of the house to deliver a small product. There is an urgent need to group orders and many cities in Northern Europe do not allow orders to be delivered one at a time but require the logistician to group them, for example by taking them to a point of convenience rather than to a house.

The market is asking for it

More and more products are being sold in eCommerce, some with low price or margin or high weight, where the convenience point reduces the logistics cost; and others that need special conditions, for example refrigerated food given the explosion that is having food eCommerce. The cold chain is better and cheaper if we use a physical point, and the delivery of recurring, heavy, low-priced, low-margin products such as milk or water becomes much cheaper.

Closed commercial premises awaiting a new use

There are more empty stores than ever. The coronavirus has wiped out thousands of small businesses in the cities, it is enough to take a walk through our neighborhoods to see empty storefronts everywhere with lower rents than before.

Standard, interoperable and cross-sellable are the keys

These spaces need to be homogeneous for example in schedules, shelf sizes or refrigerators to provide a complete service to the customer, they must also operate with several logistics companies that in turn provide services to numerous eCommerce, and that encourage finding your point of convenience before asking them to take it home in the sales process. And above all they must have a viable business model because pure logistics is unlikely to make them sustainable but they can have additional revenue by leveraging foot traffic.


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