We are living the best moment in the history of eCommerce.

Ten years growing at 20% per year to COVID

It is simple to understand, in Spain e-commerce had been growing at 20% per year for almost ten years; when on March 15, 2020, and in this Coronavirus Year Zero everything changed when many people were forced by COVID to buy online.

A server had been waiting since 2014 for the food eCommerce boom without any success but last March 2020 many people who had never bought online before, not even travel or electronics, started buying food.

The growth of eCommerce is here to stay

Someone who buys once online is likely to buy a second time, which is why in eCommerce we constantly talk about User Acquisition Cost (vs. Lifetime Value). CAC Vs. LTV). And someone who buys food online is likely to be encouraged to buy other things that are more common on the Internet, such as travel or electronics.

It is difficult to change people's habits, but when habits change from buying physical to buying digital, then the manufacturer who closes his eyes loses it. And beware, most manufacturers and a large part of the distributors are wrong or are not in the Internet cash register that is eCommerce.


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