Proportione is born: organic growth from physical to digital stores

I am happy because I have formed Proportione: digital strategy consultingI have been working on this project for five years and it is based on my experience since the last century doing things on the Internet without code, or to be more precise with the minimum possible code.

Why now?

Back in 99 of the last century I created my first company of technologies for the environment, at that time in the afternoons I published a young digital newspaper called, this confidential economic newspaper turned a quarter of a century last March 20.

Now I've been sleeping very little for a couple of weeks because I can't stop working. Everything flows, nothing stagnates because the eCommerce design, which is what Proportione is all about, I already had it internalized and I only needed three ingredients to make it emerge as a new company: the first one was a personal situation that allowed me to do it and the current one allows me to do it, the second one was that the technologies allowed me to make the eCommerce that I want to make to measure and without throwing lines of code and it has been just possible for half a year, and the third ingredient was to have an exciting project and it has emerged the offline online connection of a pharmacy that more than exciting is obsessive; that said, I am very happy and I will tell you soon more things.

Internet as horizontal and Health as vertical

Besides falling in love with the Internet the first time I saw it, back in 1994 in the computing center of the University of Oviedo, collaterally I finished there Organic Chemistry and after that I went through the health sector collaborating with Abbie, with Darwin Bioprospecting and let alone directing the Institute of Personalized Nutrition of Central Lechera Asturiana, I have also put my bit in Higea CBD; and of course I had to continue in Health and so I have focused the development of software without proportione software in the health sector, .... and for a precious project of offline-online connection in Pharmacy that we are already doing and that I will talk about soon.

I just turned 45 and it's time

Entrepreneurship is a vice. When I was seven years old I started selling the daisy necklaces that my sister made in front of the facade of the Cathedral of Mondoñedo, then I spent the summers until I came of age in my father's village, San Justo de la Vega - León, and on Tuesdays I sold vegetables in the Plaza de Astorga. The weekly market in Astorga was my MBA, not the EOI or IESE courses I did later. I spent two years as an intern in the roller coaster of a real eCommerce-startup like BrainSINS, and then I got all the experience possible in eCommerce in Sngular, the company from which came the BuyVIP that Amazon bought to enter Europe.

Now I have just started the 39ytú of Asturiana and I am a scout in LEINN, the quarry of future digital leaders; but above all now I feel free, with desire and strength to undertake again, in this case alone, although little by little I will tell you that I am not at all alone.

Custom software can now be made with almost no code to write

If in 1999 we made a digital newspaper using Microsoft FrontPage and web pages with Adobe Dreamweaver; if in 2006 when my first son was born and I wanted to avoid calls from my mother who called me to see how the child was I had to learn to make WordPress to give the child's report in a closed environment; if in 2015 I preferred to set up a Shopify for 1785 than to give them a PowerPoint explaining what Shopify was; something that later happened to me with Asana and today happens to me twice a week when I do mentoring to the leinners. If in Asturiana Zendesk saved our furniture, if in Masa Mater we have automated dozens of processes to avoid human intervention, if...

Today everything has accelerated more and more: the cloud is no longer a manifesto but a mandate; CRM is Salesforce and Customer Service is Zendesk, there are only two emails: Office365 or Gmail,... But in addition to that the if... else are written in a human-friendly interface, namely Integromat, Zapier or IFTT: Integromat, Zapier or IFTT but if that wasn't enough Google has released AppSheet, its no-code toy, Microsoft its PowerApps and Amazon already has Bubble for SMBs and Honeycode for large ones,... and all this was not there before the pandemic so imagine what is coming our way.

... and I will tell you more about the exciting pharma project we are working on later.


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