Farma 54: a physical and digital health channel in rural areas

In 1985 Marisa Gil began to run the then small and dilapidated Libertad 54 Pharmacy in Pola de Laviana, which had been the pharmacy of this Asturian town in the Nalon Basin since 1931. Based on many hours of work in management, health advice, magistral formulas and why not say it of a buoyant economy of the mining basin, Libertad 54 became a reference in health; and today his daughter Carmen, at 27 years old, begins to take over. Carmen is not only a pharmacist, she is also a nutritionist and MBA and has decided to connect her pharmacy with the digital world.

I can't tell you much about building a physical store, but setting up a standard and isolated eCommerce is today almost an obvious, fast and even cheap way to go until you start to capture traffic and you realize that the cost of user acquisition is higher than its lifetime value. Relying on the physical medium to launch a fully integrated inline channel is something else, it is brand craftsmanship, communication and above all data craftsmanship, and that is precisely what we have already started to do with Farma 54, the digital channel of the Libertad 54 Pharmacy of Pola de Laviana... for now


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