Is there a future for Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro is not simply new hardware but a revolution in technology that promises to change business strategies. They are the gateway to a new era of spatial computing, with profound implications for the way companies apply technology and plan their strategies.

Team collaboration, data analysis and customer interaction can be completely transformed. Companies that adopt and adapt to this new technology will be able to strategize more effectively.

The strategic importance

It seems that almost everyone overlooks the true strategic importance of the Apple Vision Pro. No, it's not just a virtual or augmented reality headset, it's much more than that! It is the spatial computing platform of the future.

Most people expected Apple to release a virtual or augmented reality device similar to Microsoft's HoloLens 2 or Meta's Quest 2. Instead, it has surprised us all with the Vision Pro. Some might be critical of the price and expect to know what the killer app would be. The less visionary might even position themselves as thinking it is primarily a gaming device. And many wonder why anyone would buy it, especially at that price. They are all missing the most important point here!

The Apple Vision Pro is an entirely new computing platform. Following the lead of its success with the MAC and iPhone, which respectively introduced personal and mobile computing platforms, Apple is creating a spatial computing platform with the Vision Pro. And, my friends, everyone will want to own one.

Why would everyone want to own a Vision Pro?

First, look at how it has changed the way we use computers to work, entertain, collaborate and communicate. The Vision Pro essentially creates an unlimited visual workspace, using all the space you can see in front of you and, when you turn your head, the entire 360-degree area around you. You can choose to fill your vision with multiple applications, or you can choose to expand one to fill your entire field of view.

And who would want to watch a movie on a theater-sized 3D screen with spatial audio in their own home? Who would want to use spatial computing to replace their laptop when working from home? Who wouldn't want to enhance video conferencing to life-size? Who wouldn't want to capture precious family moments with a 3D panorama to savor them forever as if you were still there? Who wouldn't want the experience of traveling around the world without leaving their home? And what video game player wouldn't want to play their games on a huge 3D screen that fills their entire field of view and immerses them in the game? And who wouldn't want to watch live sports, like NFL games, on a room-sized screen in 3D instead of their regular TV?

That's why I believe the Apple Vision Pro is much more than a virtual or augmented reality headset. It is the spatial computing platform of the future.


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