Wikipedia needs an Elon Musk

The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, beyond being a simple purchase, teaches us about the management and impact of digital platforms in our society. In this context, Wikipedia, known for being a free encyclopedia, faces significant challenges: ideological bias and censorship.

Twitter's transformation under Musk

Musk's purchase of Twitter generated doubts and expectations. The reduction of personnel led to think of a possible collapse of the platform. However, Twitter not only survived, but improved. With more users and increased activity, it proved that changes, although feared, can be positive and necessary.

Censorship and bias in Wikipedia

Wikipedia, while an important source of knowledge, is not without its problems. Censorship policies and the role of moderators have been criticized. Moderators, with great authority, can influence the neutrality of content. In addition, there are professionals who, working for particular interests, manipulate information, increasing ideological bias.

The role of publishers and the business model

  • Influence of publishers: Editors on Wikipedia ensure quality and accuracy, but they can also introduce their biases.
  • Business model: Based on donations and volunteerism, it raises questions about the sustainability and fairness of the platform.

ChatGPT and generative AI: An alternative?

Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, represents both a threat and an opportunity for platforms such as Wikipedia. These technologies could create a more dynamic and less biased encyclopedia. AI processes and synthesizes information in a neutral way, offering an alternative to human sources.

The need for change

Wikipedia needs a radical change, similar to that of Twitter with Musk. This change is essential to maintain its credibility and usefulness as an educational resource. Fairness must be the goal.

The road to a renewed Wikipedia involves re-evaluating policies, reviewing its business model and possibly incorporating technologies such as generative AI. The goal is a global, unbiased knowledge platform at the service of society.