From blind faith to strict measurement: the importance of influencer marketing

We came from a time when marketing results were an act of faith and we have moved on to 'what you can't measure, doesn't exist'. Neither so much nor so bald: influencer marketing also exists and has its place.

A good example is, a very influential digital media in the high economic spheres. I know this media well because its editor is my uncle Eulogio, and I have seen how its influence transcends the simple metrics of traffic and clicks. To value it solely by these parameters would be to ignore its true impact as a generator of opinion.

A recent study by Cambridge University Pressentitled "The Influence of Unknown Media on Public Opinion: Evidence from Local and Foreign News Sources," shows that, although people are less likely to select news from lesser-known media (only 14% choose these sources versus 38% who choose well-known sources), the influence of these, once exposed, is comparable to that of the mainstream media. The study, which involved more than 11,000 people, found that exposure to articles from lesser-known media can move public opinion by 0.10 standard deviations among those who prefer these media and 0.10 standard deviations among those who would usually avoid them, if exposed to them.

These results show that the impact of media such as should not only be measured by its traffic or clicks, but by its ability to influence the opinions of its readers."