About me

My name is Javier Cuervo and I am specialized in eCommerce and digital transformation of large companies for s|ngular,.
I am also an investor in BrainSINS, a startup that increases online sales by providing intelligence to stores. I have participated in Chiquitectos - architecture workshops for children - and in general I help entrepreneurs. Previously I directed Emprendedores at EOI, before that at the Office of the Technology Based Entrepreneur at madri+d and before that at the Innovation Area of AEDHE.
What has left me with the most positive memories are the six years (1999-2005) in which I created a couple of companies for environmental projects. Other areas that I have touched are: creativity in high ability children, web development and above all new business strategies.

As for hobbies, they change over time, I think I'm a professional amateur, but I've run 7 marathons, climbed Mont blanc, played rugby, paint and take pictures, but above all I love my bike.

To cover a lot and squeeze little. I estimate that in my job I do a minimum of 20 different tasks per day, something that would drive some people to the madhouse, but I find it hilarious. My professional philosophy revolves around the lightness is summarized in these ten points.

1. The best money is the money you don't need

2. If you want to be happy, invest in experiences, not in things.

3. To be light is not to be austere. It is to travel with little baggage in a world in continuous movement.

4. Ostentation is no longer cool

5. Testing today is easy, fast and cheap. Don't try to understand the world. Experiment and learn

6. Cheap is cheap, not bad

7. Assume mistakes as part of the process; you have no choice but to constantly learn.

8. People are excellent problem-solving machines. We bring out the best in ourselves in difficult situations.

9. You don't know what your limits are, but you know what they are not.

10. Startups are a metaphor for the 21st century: fast and light; they prototype and test in the marketplace.