Category: Stories

  • Because no one had ever told him that he could not

    A ninety-five year old Tarahumara crossed forty kilometers through the mountains. Do you know why he could do it? Because no one had ever told him he could not. No one had ever told him he should be dying in some old people's home. You live up to your own expectations, my friend. Excerpted from Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

  • Entrepreneurship at age 14. Néstor Palao

    Nestor is a teenage macho guy, he is excited to explore and squeeze the crazy world of Startups. He started a few months ago to write iPhoneA2, a blog about Apple. No, Nestor, unfortunately this is not a usual case. When I was seven years old, I started selling daisy necklaces that my sister made in front of the...

  • Historias sin moraleja II Fernando Largo

    Last week Fernando died. As every time someone dies, if you had never met him and you read the chronicles you get the feeling that the world revolved around him; believe me, before his death the only one who thought that the world revolved around him was Fernando himself, and that was his...

  • Stories without a moral I - Ramón the cyclist

    Ramón is from Villaverde. The penultimate ERE of Telefónica put him at home at the age of 52. I met him today cycling through the Casa de Campo on my way home from work. With a classic jacket and jersey, with a fibrous structure and a sharp face Ramón is a man angry with the world he has had to live in. I...