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  • Enrique Dans: neither angel nor demon

    Enrique Dans has been setting web trends through his blog, he has influenced many of us since he started publishing it in April 2003. He has been critical of the old models of the cultural industries, and has defended open knowledge to the point of exhaustion; he has always been able to understand the...

  • The best-selling MP3 album in 2008 is copyleft licensed

    Read in Enrique Dans' blog If only two years ago someone had made a forecast like this for, say 2010, we would have called him enlightened at least, the fact is that opening knowledge is an unstoppable trend, which is increasing the information available every day and also has a number of beneficial effects...

  • Open Source

    People don't go to free software because it's cheaper, but because it works better. Oviedo proverb