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  • One year working in what I love

    Choose a job you like and you won't have to work a single day of your life Confucius I had decided to change jobs long before. Besides the fact that a person whose name I don't want to remember had been harassing me in my job for a year and a half, specifically since an undisputed professional success that...

  • My vision of Startup Spain

    From minute 73 onwards, I present in 20 minutes my proposal for Startup Spain during the II Ono Pymes Meeting Point organized by PymeCrunch at the Garage of AJE_Madrid; the recording was made thanks to FroozeTV.

  • How to incorporate an intrapreneur

    Know what you want 2. Know what you are missing 3. Create a suitable niche for what you are missing 4.

  • I give you my money if you give me your creativity

    I used to believe in the evaluators of R&D business projects, yes I myself am an evaluator of those startups, but I don't put money in them, I mean those who do put money in. I believed in them because I considered them better than me and I also thought that they put more effort than yours truly into scrutinizing a...

  • What is a disruptive technology?

    disruptive, va. (From disruptive). 1. adj. Phys. Producing an abrupt rupture. Disruptive technologies are those that advance Humanity, for example, moving from the sled to the wheel must have meant an important energy saving; in addition, when a technological break occurs, the old paradigm, the sled, is relegated, practically disappears, as has happened in the past...