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  • My vision of Startup Spain

    From minute 73 onwards, I present in 20 minutes my proposal for Startup Spain during the II Ono Pymes Meeting Point organized by PymeCrunch at the Garage of AJE_Madrid; the recording was made thanks to FroozeTV.

  • How Seesmic failed to find the revenue model

    In this chapter it is told how if a company is born without a revenue model it is difficult for it to have one when it is bought by another company. That I will do very willingly, my lord," replied Sancho, "and let us return to my village in the company of these two gentlemen, who wish it well, and there we will give orders to....

  • Solaiemes: born to fly

    I must confess that I have known Solaiemes for more than a year and I am still not clear what they really do, I only know that they make easy what is difficult with the mobile, that is, what Google achieves with the Internet, this great technical team does with UMTS phones. I will give an example, in...